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Benzodiazepine is one group of the drugs and Xanax is a part of that group of drugs. It is therefore possible that this medicine can be used for recreational purposes by some. Even though people hardly misuse Xanax, but in certain cases, people might inject it into vein which can be highly dangerous and even fatal! Xanax is infusible and in infused; it can cause damage to the arteries. Xanax if infused with the alcohol is even dangerous and most likely, it will lead to death.

How pain works:

Another Xanax recreational use is insufflating that is less efficient. It is worth noticing that the nasal membranes of humans are not created for snorting substances like these. Because Xanax is infusible therefore it can be difficult to transport it via nasal membranes by which the biological availability is reduced. The scientists, in general are not showing a lot of concerns about misuse of Xanax because the intake need not necessarily cause high climb of the doses. Most of the Xanax users are aware about its overdose side effects as well as results of recreational use, which is why they prefer taking it only with prescription.

Xanax with psychedelics

Some of the people, who make use of Xanax as the recreational drug, can also take it with psychedelics. Xanax actually helps people on relieving from the stress as well as panic, while at the same time provoking sleep after intake of the drug along with the insomniac side effects.

Increasing popularity of Xanax as the recreational use

Because of the easy availability of benzodiazepines, there has been an increase in the use of Xanax as the recreational drug. It has also been found tha a large percentage of drug-related visits to the doctor are because of Xanax misuse. Benzodiazepines have therefore been kept under the Controlled Substances Act (Schedule 4).

Common recreational use among both the genders

It has been observed that there has been common use of benzodiazepines among both males as well as females. Xanax is a commonly used drug for recreational use in this class of the drugs called benzodiazepines.